Monday, February 27, 2012

Feb. 21, 2012 Another Day Off

Feb. 21
Today we dropped off more laundry, and we bought a stroller. It is a nice one, hope I can get it back to the US in one piece! Jack is getting heavy in the baby carrier all the time, and since he can’t walk I am carrying him all over! We crossed the pedestrian bridge and went walking in the herb market and the pet market, and we saw the pedestrian street full of little shops. The kids each got a big lollipop, and Bubba got a couple little toys. Rich got a fake iphone! If it works with her sim card, Em might use it! Rich says it’s an android phone in an iphone body. It even has fake apps. We found the KFC for lunch, and got Jack 2 mashed potatoes. He also liked the ice cream sundae, Evie and Bubba both cried at their first taste of ice cream when they were babies, but Jack loved it!

Tomorrow is our Consulate appointment!

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