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Feb. 11, 2012 Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City

Feb. 11, 2012

2 days until JACK DAY!
2 years ago today we arrived home to Illinois with our sweet Andy.

Big breakfast at the buffet. Small, late lunch of starbucks sandwiches. Dinner at the hotel restaurant downstairs. I stayed up in bed resting after all the walking the last couple days.

Today we went to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. It was very cold, I wish I would have brought scarves and maybe warmer coats!

Tiananmen Square is very impressive, it is so big and full of people. There were lots of soldiers in their green winter coats and hats standing at attention all over. They looked so young.

The Forbidden City is so beautiful and you can feel the history all around you there. We took lots of pictures, Evie took a lot, too. There were lots of women in beautiful ornate hats. We asked Minan about it, and she said that they were from a Southern ethnic group. I guess it is tradition to try to take a big trip to Beijing at least once during your life, and many times a group of people will arrange a trip and will wear their traditional ethnic clothes while doing the touring. Evie was enchanted by the hats, and we followed these women all over the Forbidden City so she could snap pictures of their hats! I wonder if they are from the ethnic minority that live where Evie is from?

On the way home from the Forbidden City we stopped at a silk factory. It was a very interesting tour. Evie was especially happy since she had just read a book about silk worms at school! We ended up buying a silk quilt for our bed - they have them here at the hotel and they are awesome. I was hoping to buy some small silk scarves for the girls, but every thing was very expensive. We got them each a small panda painting instead.

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