Monday, February 27, 2012

Feb. 20, 2012 A Day Off?

Feb. 20

Jack had a high fever (my thermometer said 105.5 under the arm!) so I called Elvin and he took us over to the medical clinic to see the doctor. He had a group of families with older children going anyway, they had to get their TB tests from Saturday read.

I gave Jack a dose of baby tylenol, and of course by the time we got there his fever was back to normal. I have a feeling that they all thought I was overreacting. The doctor ended up giving us a prescription for tylenol cold and cough, pediatric version! The whole trip only cost us RMB 20, or about $3! We stayed home from the walking tour, but did go on a little stroll later on. Rich and I brought back assorted deli shop lunches. I’m still waiting for my chicken curry! They haven’t had it yet. We did Lucy’s again for supper, it’s something that Evie and Bubba will eat, and they’ve not been eating very well lately.

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