Saturday, February 18, 2012

Feb. 18, 2012 Medical Exam day

Feb. 18, 2012 Medical Exam day

We met the other families this morning. (I think there are 8 of us from the same agency here right now!) We got the visa pictures taken for each baby (Jack is crying in his picture, again!), then walked over for the medical exam. Not a fun place to be. First you sit around and wait, then you wait in long lines for your turn to see each doctor/nurse (3 if your child is under 2, 4 if over!) We only needed to see the 3.

Poor Jack is sick and running a little fever, but when the nurses did his vitals, he was screaming and his fever spiked to 102.4! They bypassed the line and took us right in to see the doctor, who fussed at us a little for not giving him medication this morning. (His fever wasn't high enough for medication until they made him scream!) The doctor also did a thorough exam, and really examined Jack's hands and feet carefully. He kept writing, checking Jack, thinking, writing more, looking more, thinking more, and so on. I was getting a bit worried after the troubles we had there with the last two, but he finally signed off on the report. Then our guide went and brought the ENT to us for an exam, no waiting (how did that happen?). Then we went out into the waiting room and finally settled Jack down. I am so grateful that there is a vaccination waiver this time around, so Jack didn't have to get so many shots like Andy had to in 2010. Now our pediatrician at home can give him the needed vaccines on a more realistic schedule than 7 shots in two days!

We picked up lunch from the White Swan Deli Shop (bbq pork and rice, and ox and noodles!), and water and juice from 7-eleven. We went walking around after my 2:30 paperwork meeting with Elvin, our guide. We ate dinner at Lucy's (Jack loves mashed potatoes!). Dad bought Evie a Lucy's Guangzhou ball cap!

If Jack isn't feeling better tomorrow, he and I might stay back at the hotel while the others go to the Safari Park.

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  1. I hope little man is feeling better soon!You guys are on the homestretch now!