Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Travel Approval, and more!

It's 2:45 am and there's a loud thunderstorm going on, so I got up to check the weather on the computer. My email "dinged" while I was looking at the weather, so I went ahead and clicked on it, and right there was an email from our agency that they had Fed Ex-ed our Travel Approval to us! It should be in my hands later on today!

We had gotten a call last week that our TA was on the way, but we were asked not to say anything until it had arrived to our agency. Now I can tell the world!

Wait, the news gets better! Our agency went ahead and arranged our Consulate appointment last week, too! The Consulate is closed this week due to the Chinese New Year holiday, so if our agency hadn't been on the ball, we wouldn't have been able to book our appointment until next week at the earliest.

We know our travel dates now! We will be leaving for China in two short weeks, Feb. 8, and will meet Jack on Emily's birthday, Feb. 13. Adoption day will be on Valentine's Day, and we will have our Consulate appointment on Feb. 22, and leave for home on Feb. 24.

The Stats:
LOI 4/25/11
PA 4/28/11
I-800A approval 9/19/11
DTC 9/30/11
LID 10/8/11
LOA 11/30/11
I-800 12/13/11
Cabled 12/22/11
Drop off 12/27/11
Pick up 1/10/12
TA 1/19/12
JACK DAY!!! 2/13/12
Adoption Day!!! 2/14/12
CA 2/22/12

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