Thursday, December 8, 2011

Meet Jack!


He is 18 months old, and waiting for us near Shanghai, in eastern China. Well, we're waiting for him. He has no idea that his world is going to change in a big way!

We started the process to adopt last spring, and got our tentative approval at the end of April. We worked on our dossier all through the summer, and waited (and waited and waited) for our homestudy to be done, then waited (and waited and waited) for our I-800A immigration approval. Finally, our dossier was sent to China at the end of September. We received our official approval to adopt Jack at the end of November.

We're hopeful that we will be able to travel in early spring to meet Jack and bring him home. Andy misses Jack already, and wants to know if we go to China tomorrow to bring him home, and if he can keep Jack. Evie is a little disappointed that Jack isn't a baby sister.

For those in the know, here are the stats:
LOI 4/25/11
PA 4/28/11
I800A approval 9/19/11
DTC 9/30/11
LID 10/8/11
LOA 11/30/11

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